Historical Archives

We are working closely with other Momence organizations to develop a digital database for all of Momence’s historical archives. If you are interested in donating copies of photographs or other documents pertaining to the early years of Momence, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to scan them to add to the library files. Originals will be returned to the owners.

We are currently raising funds to have our many rolls of microfilm converted into digital files. These microfilms contain some of the earliest copies of the Momence Progress Reporter from the 1800’s. Once converted they would be available for all people to enjoy online. If you would like to donate funds to this project, please contact our Director, Robin Adkins, at robinadkins@momencelibrary.org or call 815 472 2581.

Our current database can be browsed here:


If you require assistance accessing any of the files please stop in the Library and a librarian will be happy to help.